Training programs

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Innovation management

Product management

Contract negotiation and management

Lean and agile project management

Cluster management

Business model innovation

Entrepreneurial plan development

Inventive resolution of conflicts in managerial processes

Competitive engineering of new products and services

Marketing innovation

Financial plan development for new investments

Resilience and business continuity plan

Design thinking

System thinking

Value proposition design for new businesses

Life-cycle approach of production investments

Tools for IP valuation over the life-cycle

Design for product life-cycle

Performance analysis and planning

Innovation strategy and value chain design

Green and blue design of products

Design of circular economy management systems

Design of innovation management systems

Lean innovation of new products and services

Industrial robot programming (ABB, Fanuc, Motoman, Kuka)

Advanced tools for complex product engineering

PLC and micro-controller programming and process automation

Programming of social robots

Computer aided robotics with RoboDK

Computer aided robotics with Robot Studio

Systematic engineering of inventions

Lean robotics and virtual commissioning

Programming in Python

Programming in C#

Programming in C++

Programming in Java

Programming with ROS

Programming in Processing

Programming in Maltab

AI for robotics

Automation with electro-pneumatic systems

Servo-hydraulic system engineering and control

Mechatronic design of special application and service robots

Servomotor control

Animation and simulation with Blender

Augmented reality for production systems

Industry 4.0, IoT and smart connected products

Collaborative robot applications