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Robotization and automation of production systems

I-IoT solutions for production systems

Innovation management systems

Digital transformation of businesses

Scaling-up of businesses

Business internationalization

Setting-up a successful start-up or spin-off

National and international joint ventures

Assessment of innovation systems

Smart specialization of businesses

Lean and agile management

Servitization of business models

Collaborative innovation

Reverse innovation, TRL advancement and adaptation for technology transfer

Intellectual property valuation

Accessing funds for digitalization, circular economy and smart specialization

Assessment of innovation culture and HR orientation to innovation

Sustainable economic competitiveness

Shared value innovation

Smart specialization of lagging behind zones

Use case identification for AI-driven business innovation

Optimization of complex production processes

Optimization of organizational processes

International networking and market intelligence

Early testing of new business ideas

Assessment of organizational discontinuities and conflicts

Value chain innovation

Price and pricing policy optimization for new product-service systems

Collecting data about customer requirements

Identifying priority areas of innovation in current products and services

Creating new ideas for new products, service and businesses

Optimization of product and service portfolio